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When you co-operate with WholesaleECO you become a part of the family.
You will experience a personal spirit and a professional and direct form.

WholesaleECO is a family company with high morals and ethics.

We believe that you come furthest with honesty, and we feel a great passion for the products we trade.

A mutual respect for people is deeply rooted in our hearts.

These attitudes are important to us in the co-operation with our partners.

Also it is important to us that everybody concerned is fully satisfied with the agreements that are made.

WholesaleECO wants to sell environmentally friendly packaging throughout Scandinavia.

Facts about Denmark, Sweden and Norway

GDP per inhabitant is 60,707 U.S dollars 2015

Out of the five Scandinavian countries Denmark is the smallest country and with its 5,5 mio inhabitants it is at the same time the most densely populated Nordic country. About 1,2 mio. people live in the capital Copenhagen. The Danes are the people in Europe spending most money on organic products, and the consumption of organic goods is growing every year. The Danes are making 12,7 mio. packed lunches a week !!

GDP per inhabitant is 58,938 U.S dollars 2015

With 9.7 mio inhabitants, Sweden is the most populous Scandinavian country. More than 2 mio. people live in the capital Stockholm. Sweden has a very widespread and disciplined sorting of waste, and they are number one in recycling of e.g drinking bottles and cans.

GDP per inhabitant 97,307 U.S dollars 2015

Norway has about 5,1 mio. inhabitants, 1 million of whom live in the capital Oslo. Norway is the only Scandinavian country that is not a member of The European Union. Norway´s biggest source of income is extraction and export of oil and Natural gas, which makes Norway one of the richest countries in the world.

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Pernille Gundelach